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He broke your heart and destroyed your business. Would you give him a second chance?


Asha Jones has lived and breathed the small town of Hope’s Ridge her entire life. She’s built a successful business on the shores of Lake Hopeful, and now, with the iconic Sandstone Cafe up for lease, she has an opportunity to expand her business and fulfill a dream.


But one mistake is all it takes for Asha’s dream to crumble overnight. She’s made an enemy of an influential property developer, and just when she thinks things can’t get any worse, the man who crushed her heart ten years earlier returns to town.


Suffering from PTSD and dealing with the trauma of recurring nightmares, Zane Larsen returns to Hope’s Ridge, resolved to recover his self-confidence and find a new direction for his life. Teaming up with a local property developer provides a new career path and gives him a much-needed reason to get up each day.


As Zane slips back into small-town life, he doesn’t anticipate feelings resurfacing for Asha, the one woman in Hope’s Ridge who’s hated him since high school. And, while Asha does her best to ignore Zane’s existence, she can’t ignore the feelings for him that reappear. She can’t go there again—can she?


Zane needs to redeem himself and fight for a second chance at love. But is working with the man who wants to destroy Asha’s business a guaranteed way to reignite her hatred - or could it be an opportunity to change her opinion of him?

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