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Dream wedding—or nightmare?


When Jenna Larsen dreamed of her wedding day, she never visualized it being the most humiliating day of her life. But it was.


Devastated and mortified by the turn of events, Jenna returns to Hope’s Ridge single and seeking solace in the comfort of her parents’ home.


Matt Law has spent the last six months proving to the residents of Hope’s Ridge that he’s changed. He wants to be part of the town and part of the community, but one act undoes all of his hard work and makes him an enemy—Roy Larsen: the influential owner of the town’s mill; a major supplier to Matt’s businesses; and furious father of the bride.


While Matt does his best to tame Jenna and her father’s fury, there are bigger issues brewing. His father, the majority owner of his businesses, is persuaded by an outsider to move his investments from Hope’s Ridge. But who exactly is venture capitalist Susan Lewis, and why does she have so much influence and power over his father?


As Jenna does her best to move on from the wreckage of her wedding day, an opportunity arises for her to work with Susan. Their business collaboration could ultimately destroy Matt’s businesses. Matt ruined Jenna’s life—she’s single, unemployed, and without a home because of him—and now she has the opportunity to ruin his. But will she?

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