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SILVER MCKENZIE is a pen name of women's fiction and domestic thriller author, Louise Guy.

Louise decided to write the Hope's Ridge series under a pen name as while the series sits nicely in the women's fiction category, the books have a stronger romantic story line than her other women's fiction titles which tend to have more intrigue and suspense. The Hope's Ridge series is also set in a fictional US town so the books are written in US English compared to Louise's other books that are set in Australia and use Australian English.

She also decided Silver was a pretty cool name and it might be the only chance she has to name herself!

Silver has lived in the UK, New Zealand and Australia as well as having traveled to over thirty countries. Today, Silver and her husband are permitted to share a home in Queensland, Australia, with their two sons and a rather bossy, but beautiful cat named Pud.

Silver's venture into writing romantic women's fiction is a result of her love of reading, writing and exploring women’s emotions and relationships.

If you are interested in checking out books written under the name of Louise Guy, you'll find her books at:


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